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Sensational Semi Permanent Lash Extensions from just £40

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought "I wish i had longer, thicker lashes" or, "i hate having to put mascara on throughout the day".

Well, On Point Beauty Bar is at your service, to solve your problems.

With a great experience in technique and high quality products, I can offer you an incredible set of semi permanent indivudal lashes for just £40


I Love Doing Lashes!


They make an incredible impact

Lashes are one of my passions! They make a considerable improvement to your natural lashes, and combined with a microblading or semi permanent make up treatment, dress your face beautifully.

You can achieve many different lookswith lashes, like the ones on the left here, or you could even have our Full Hollywood semi permanent individual lashes for just £45, giving you pronounced, stunning lashes, and turning many heads in your direction.

Dont forget to check out our full price list to find prices for all lash treatments.

Lash Treatment Types

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes

Semi Permanent Eyelashes can be used to create a full, voluminous yet Natural look or the Full 'Hollywood' look. They can last up to 8 weeks with the right aftercare and infills (if you don't look after them properly they may only last two days, if you do they can last over two weeks, with infills needed usually up to 2 weeks. This technique is perfect for longer lasting added length and/or volume. Different types of lashes can be used with a different curl depending on whether you want length, or curl, or both! They can be used to create a wide eyed youthful look, and you can use permanently curled lashes, eliminating the need to use eyelash curlers or mascara.


Here at On Point Beauty Bar I use a variety of Marvellash, Flirties and Silk Lashes in all different curl depths.  I have a wide range in stock and so which lashes we select is driven only by the look you want to achieve, whilst complimenting your eyes and facial features! This way each client receives a totally bespoke service and a set of lashes to suit them.

I am also finding it increasingly common to hear of lashes applied only using glue.  At On Point Beauty Bar I always use a protein based primer after cleansing each lash, medical grade glue for long lasting results, and a waterproof sealant for long term protection after your treatment. I have found that this method greatly increases the length of time your set of lashes will last you and therefore with the correct aftercare will reduce infill appointments, meaning better value for you!


Each treatment is completely bespoke to each client.  However, one thing that is the same is that I use different length lashes dependant on the final shape you would like to achieve. For example, a more dramatic fan shape can be achieved by using 3 or 4 different lengths, placing shorter lashes near your tear duct and 'fanning out' into the longest lashes at the outer corners.

Alternatively, some clients will choose an ultra natural look using different length lashes interspersed throughout the lash line, mirroring a natural lash fall.

Some clients will choose individual lashes just for extra volume or added length or both. Either way, we are here to assist you in creating and maintaining the lash look you crave!


Temporary Cluster Lashes

Temporary Cluster Lashes are great for for trying out semi permanent lashes or if people want extra volume in certain places or indeed a full set but don't want to commit to Semi Permanent Individual Lashes. Cluster lashes are designed to safely last for a few days.

Temporary Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are designed for special occasion wear! They can be used to create a natural or dramatic look that can really polish your appearance.  Strip lashes are designed to last safely for a day/evening.

A strip/cluster lash treatment is often added to a hair and/or make up treatment to really complete 'the look', for that special night out or occasion.  Cluster lashes are designed to safely last longer than strip lashes, but not as long as Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes