Laser Tattoo Removal

Gold standard tech to remove and reduce unwanted tattoos

With all treatments I have to confirm your suitability with a questionnaire and a patch test.

It is imperative you keep out of the sun after laser/IPL treatments for at least 2 weeks and keep covered and wear SPF 30+ on treated areas if you do have to go out in the sun.

The multi-functional ND YAG laser is an expert at removing tattoos, especially the darker colours.

The adjustable wavelengths specifically target the appropriate colours in the skin. The laser 

super heats the pigment and shatters it in the skin, where the bodies own immune responses clear the shattered pigment away.

After a course of treatments, it is possible to completely remove a tattoo, although this cannot be guaranteed for sure. Even with the advance of lasers now, the green and yellow pigments are harder to remove, and may take more sessions.

Tattoo removal can be a little uncomfortable, so we make a topical anaesthetic and cooling available throughout the procedure.

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