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As with all treatments I have to confirm your suitability with a questionnaire and a patch test.

It is imperative you keep out of the sun after laser/IPL treatments for at least 2 weeks and keep covered and wear SPF 30+ on treated areas if you do have to go out in the sun.

The ND YAG Q Switched Laser is a revolutionary laser for skin treatments. It is both a powerful yet considerate laser, in that whilst it is indeed powerful, it also very specifically targets particular pigments within the skin to achieve the required results and so is actually very safe in the right hands. 

The ND YAG Q Switched laser can be used to for a variety of purposes, this section covers skin complaints.

My particular laser is able to fire at a number of different wave lengths, targeting different depths and pigment colours in the skin.

The treatments I offer with this laser are:

Carbon Laser “Hollywood” Facial (also known as Black Doll)

A carbon paste is applied to the skin and left to penetrate deeply into pores. The carbon powder in the paste used in these treatments has a very high absorption rate, bonding to dirt, oil and other nasties deep in the pores. The laser is then fired at the hardened carbon paste and this vaporises it into minute pieces, breaking down the dirt and oil attached to it in the epidermis and removing it with the carbon. The result of this part of the treatment is glowing clean and smooth skin.

For an additional fee, once we have removed the carbon completely from your face, I can re-apply the laser to the bare skin. This combines the rejuvenating power of the carbon, with the stimulation of skin cell and collagen fibre renewal and elastic fibre repair using the skin’s natural repair function. The result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, smoother and fresher skin and improved skin elasticity.

Whilst the laser is quite loud when vaporising the carbon, this treatment only feels like the skin is being pricked lightly with a pin and so is very manageable in terms of pain, some feel only a little heat and no discomfort, however you are given cooling before and after to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

It’s no wonder this treatment is all the rave in Hollywood. So, come for this treatment with me and join the A Listers to achieve the perfect skin they portray daily in the media, without an arduous daily skin care routine.

Rosacea/Thread Veins

The ND YAG Q Switched laser is superb at targeting localised thread veins anywhere on the body. The targeted wave length specifically locates the thread veins and vaporises them on contact, results can be startling. If you are looking to achieve removal of thread veins as part of a wider regimen over time to treat pigmentation, fine lines, sun damage and blemishes, I would recommend using IPL as it treats a broader spectrum of skin complaints, albeit more slowly, saving money in the long run. However, for localised thread veins or rosacea (or if they are all you are concerned about), then this treatment is for you. 

It can be mildly uncomfortable, like an elastic band being snapped against the skin, however I can provide a topical anaesthetic and cooling will be applied throughout the procedure. In any event, the results of this treatment will speak for themselves and you will leave with markedly improved skin with a considerable reduction or complete removal of your thread veins or rosacea.

I have given prices in the price list for nose and cheek treatments, but it is not limited to those areas. Please get in touch for other/larger area quotes.

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