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Amazing hair extensions from £180 for a full head fitted, with up to two colours included

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Don't worry, when we say from £180, we mean from £180. For £180 you can have great 100% human remy hair extensions, which will last you months with good aftercare. 

With over 10 years of experience fitting all methods of hair extensions worldwide we here at On Point Beauty Bar have made it our mission to use the most modern methods available to fit each and every one of our clients with the best quality hair extensions in Lincoln (and worldwide) to suit their personal budget. With customer care at the heart of everything we do we offer totally free, no obligation advice and consultations. Thus whether you have been unhappy with the service you have received elsewhere, would like to book now or just learn more about what we do, get in touch and we will endeavour to help you on your journey to perfect hair. 

When fitted correctly with a service tailored to each clients individual requirements hair extensions are completely life changing. 


While Hair extensions are often used to add length they can be also be used to give a fuller mane of hair, recover from a hair disaster,  or experiment with colour. Modern hair extensions can be used to create a natural. high fashion or dramatic look and everything in between. So whether you have lost hair due to ilnesss, damage or the march of time, want to add length or thickness to your existing hair or have an upcoming special occasion you want to look "on point" for, get in touch now or read on for for more up to date information. 

Emma our main hair extension specialist has been qualified and fitting hair extensions for over 10 years, working with all hair extension and hair replacement techniques for both men and women.

I work really hard to stay ahead of the industry, testing and working with the newest methods available such as nano tip and tape in extensions. I am experienced in the art and use of hair extensions, hair pieces, falls and hair replacement techniques for both men and women including hand making wigs and toupees/pieces bespoke to fit the clients needs. I love helping brides to create their perfect wedding day look - If there's ever a day to look and feel your best it's your wedding!  

So whether you have lost hair due to illness, damage or the march of time, or you want extra thickness and length or you want to look 'on point' for a special occasion, get in touch now!

For Bridal/Prom/Occasional packages, dread locking services, hair extensions, wig making or catwalk prep, get in touch now!

These are the following methods I can provide you with.


Nano Ring Single Strands


Lasts up to 3 months

Nano rings are the most modern, proven fitting method on the market. The rings themselves are 10 times smaller than micro rings, whilst still containing a silicone lined ring inside. Inskde the ring slips a tiny loop attached to your hair extension, which is then crimped over a small protion of your hair.

This method ensures that no wet glue ever touches your hair, so you are able to colour, dry naturally, blow dry, heatstyle, wash etc generally with no problems.

I feel that nano rings are the best available method. They are totally discreet, durable and more kind than other methods such as glue.


The difference between micro ring and nano ring bonds


Comparitive sizes of micro and nano rings


Colour wheel -there are so many colours available to you!

Micro Ring Single Strands

Lasts Up to 3 Months

Micro Rings are tiny, near weightless metal rings that are colour matched to your hair and extensions.  Inside the ring is an even smaller silicone ring which, when gently squeezed, grips the ‘I tip’ (or ‘stick tip) extensions (a small number of strands bonded together) in place against the hair. 

This method ensures that no wet glue ever touches your hair, so you are able to colour, dry naturally, blow dry, heatstyle, wash etc, generally with no problems.  


Micro Ring Wefted


Lasts up to 2 months


Micro ring wefts work in the same way as Micro ring single strands, except that the extensions are ‘weaved’ together rather than being single stranded.  Wefts take less time to install and less time to take down and are therefore slightly cheaper than single strands, they also have a higher chance of being able to be reused. 

However, it should be noted that a weft will have a shorter life span than their single strand counter parts, mainly because there is a much lower link to natural hair ratio.  There are also less styles available to you with a weft.

Other Methods

Other Methods

I do cover other methods such as, tape in's, weaves, hot and cold fusion, glue and shrink links, but I have found the above listed methods are the best methods and therefore these are normally how I prefer to fit extensions.  If you do require another method for a specific reason please do let me know.


I offer a totally free, no obligation consultation to discuss your needs and what I can do for you.  It's not rushed so you can take the time to ask all the questions you want.  If you want to go ahead we can do a colour match and book your appointment with a deposit.

Get in touch to take advantage of our free no obligation consultation to see what we can do for you today!

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